Thoughts from the journey… Excerpts from a day in the life of Sherry McLaughlin


A Revolution of One

“The only freedom I have is the freedom I take for myself.” That’s what one young man once said. And I believe him.

Freedom is more than just carrying on without permission, or existing without rules. True freedom requires a choice to move in any given direction – preferably a direction that calls you with a passion.

Have you ever felt the tug of a passion? If you haven’t, then I don’t think you’re paying attention. And if you have and you aren’t chasing it, then get moving.

I say this a bit tongue-in-cheek, as I am just as guilty as the next guy for squelching these pangs of adventure in favor of a more calculated decision. I mean, let’s face it. The world is chaotic enough, and yet technologically advanced enough, that many believe that the only infallible choice is one made by a machine. We consult numbers and machines for just about every major decision we make. We attempt to rein control in an uncontrollable world – and in the process, we sometimes play it too safe.

The thing is…calculation sometimes squelches momentum. The physical principle governing inertia works both ways. A body in motion, tends to stay in motion. A body at rest, tends to stay at rest. If we spend our days preventing the future, then maybe there never is a now. And if there never is a now – a time to make a decision to navigate toward a passion – then the biggest tragedy is that we have lost our freedom. And the world never gets the gift that is us.

I’ve recently been caught in that battle between passion dreaming and “what if” reasoning. Much like a small boat is tossed in the winds of a storm. And though I’m not sorry that I questioned, I’m more thankful that I stumbled on a little book that helped me find my way out. It’s called, First you have to row a little boat by Richard Boden. In closing, I share with you one of my favorite passages from this book:

“If every man and woman were to take the meaning of their life and pursue it passionately, they would alter the social landscape overnight. In fact, that’s how lasting revolutions are made—not by the raised arm of the masses, not by the military seizure of power, not by the political coup d’etat, but by individuals asserting who they are…one at a time.”

Chase that passion now. The world thanks you in advance.